Dominicana 4:3 — December 1919

//Dominicana 4:3 — December 1919
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Table of Contents


“Who Is Christ the Lord” — Bonaventure Neitzey, O.P.

An Echo From Endor — Celestine Daly, O.P.

Blessed John Dominici, O. P. — John Dominic Walsh, O.P.

The Immortality of the Soul — Peter O’Brien, O.P.

Foreshadowing (Verse) — Nicholas Ehrenfried, O.P.

Dominican Glories in China — John Labrador, O.P.

Meerestille (Verse) — John Chyrsostom Kearns, O.P.

The Consecration of St. Dominic’s — Athanasius Burke, O.P.

Obituary: The Reverend Anthony Reddy, O. P. — Edmund Rogers, O.P.

Friar’s Bookshelf

The Cloister Chronicle

Observations on Indulgences

Dominican Calendar and Indulgences, 1920