Dominicana 4:4 — March 1920

//Dominicana 4:4 — March 1920
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Table of Contents


The History of the Summa Theologica — Boniface Stratemeier, O.P.

Pere Didon at Arcueil — Louis Clark, O.P.

Is There Salvation Outside the Church? — Raymond Grace, O.P.

Some Influences of St. Thomas on Piety — Dionysius Mueller, O.P.

Mary’s Vesper Hour With the Friars — Albert Muller, O.P.

Dominic Soto, Theologian of the Council of Trent (1494-1560) — Vincent Dailey, O.P.

The Friars’ Book-shelf

The Cloister Chronicle

Index Supplement of Dominicana (Vols. I-IV)