Dominicana 46:2 — Summer 1961

//Dominicana 46:2 — Summer 1961
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Dimensions of the Priesthood — Paul Philibert, O.P.

Something for Nothing — George Bernardine Dyer, O.P.

Preaching – Its Hidden Nature — Eugene Cahouet, O.P.

As Bright and Glittering Bodies — Daniel Hickey, O.P.

The Outspoken Servants — Leonard Tracy, O.P.

Some Serious Thoughts on Thinking — Urban Sharkey, O.P.

Systems of Temperament: A Comparison — Terence Ryan, O.P.

The Abiding Presence of the Holy Ghost in the Soul — Bede Jarrett, O.P.

Book Reviews

Ordination Class, Province of Saint Joseph, 1961

Obituary: Rev. Charles Matthew Mulvey

Obituary: Very Rev. Robert Louis Rumaggi

Obituary: Rev. Joseph Aquinas Byrnes

Obituary: Rev. Daniel Michael Galliher

Obituary: Very Rev. Joseph Robert Slavin

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