Dominicana 46:4 — Winter 1961

//Dominicana 46:4 — Winter 1961
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Decree of the Lord — Aquinas Farren, O.P.

The Anatomy of Beatitude — Urban Sharkey, O.P.

The Theology of Catherine of Siena — Francis Bailie, O.P.

Love in the Old and New Testaments — J.D. Campbell, O.P.

Jeremy Bentham and Moral Arithmetic — Paul Philibert, O.P.

Holy Mass — A.M. Roguet, O.P.

Book Reviews

Index to Volume XLV, 1960

Index to Volume XLVI, 1961

Obituary: The Reverend Walter Charles Durbin, O.P.

Obituary: The Reverend John Joseph Molloy, O.P.

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