Dominicana 50:1 — Spring 1965

//Dominicana 50:1 — Spring 1965
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Editorial — Celestine Ryan, O.P.

Death Has Pounced — Brother Antoninus, O.P.

The Concept of Man in the Old Testament — Robert W. Gleason, S.J.

A Special Report on The International Convocation: Pacem In Terris — J. R. Cooney, O.P. and J. A. Doshner, O.P.

The Liturgical Homily — J. F. Quigley, O.P.

Salvation “Within” The Church — Aquinas Bruce Williams, O.P.

Erich Fromm: The Aloneness Of Man — John Henry O’Connor, O.P.

“Thus says the Lord…” — Patrick Burchill, O.P.

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