Dominicana 52:2 — June 1967

//Dominicana 52:2 — June 1967
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Editorial – The Word

Dominican Preaching — E. Schillebeeckx, O.P. translated by Paul Thibault, O.P.

The Role of Son in the New Liturgy — Mannes Burke, O.P.

What Word Would Keep You Then, My Friend? (Verse) — Joachim Plummer, O.P.

Domingo … the story of a martyr — Ferrer Cassidy, O.P.

The Meaning of Renewal — William Maher

Dewart and the Future of Belief — David Thomasma, O.P.

A Spirituality of Christian Realism — Paul Philibert, O.P.

Liturgical Aspect of the Permanent Diaconate — Josef Hornef translated by Bernard Dupont, O.P.)

Book Reviews