Dominicana 52:3 — Fall 1967

//Dominicana 52:3 — Fall 1967
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Table of Contents


The Face of Woman … an editorial

The Believing Woman: The Virgin Mary in the Theology of St. John — Dominic Uzin, O.P.

A Third Postscript on Love — Thomas R. Heath, O.P.

tiny i (Verse) — Timothy Mahoney, O.P.

The Feminine Image in the Old Testament — Jeremy Miller, O.P.

The Philosophy of Woman of Simone de Beauvoir — Sr. M. Anacletus Ryan, O.P.

A Thomist Dialogues with Merleau-Ponty — Frederick M. Jelly, O.P.

Strangers in the Woods (Verse) — L. A. Martin

Women Who Are Poor — David Thomasma, O.P.

The Deacon in the Parish — Josef Hornef

Book Reviews