Dominicana 53:2 — Summer 1968

//Dominicana 53:2 — Summer 1968
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Editorial – A Plea from the Dead! — Alan Milmore, O.P.

The Washington Riots, April 1968 … A Journal of Hope? — Noel Vacin, O.P.

Art in the Secular City — Lawrence Porter, O.P.

Reflection Inspired by a Supershovel — Augustine Di Noia, O.P.

Granville-Spartanburg Airport, S.C. — T. M. Vaughn

The Secular City and the Sacred Countryside: A Reflection on James Joyce’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” — Joachim Plummer, O.P.

Obscenity: Legal and Moral Aspects — Robert Pelkington, O.P.

The Draft Law: An Approach to Reform — Cornelius Walsh, O.P.

Faith and the Christian Vocation — Alphonse H. Clemens

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