Dominicana 6:2 — September 1921

//Dominicana 6:2 — September 1921
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Table of Contents


Dedication (Dominican Missionaries)

Papal Encyclical on the Seventh Centenary of St. Dominic — Pope Benedict XV

The Problem of Evil as Treated by St. Thomas — Leonard Callahan, O.P.

The Formation of the New Code of Canon Law — Vitalis Fueyo, O.P.

Christian Education — Raymond Grace, O.P.

To the Queen of the Rosary (Verse) — Chrysostom Kearns, O.P.

The Authority of St. Thomas — Reginald Hughes, O.P.

Voices in the Night (Verse) — Gregory Herold, O.P.

St. Dominic in Dante’s Song — Gabriel Knauff, O.P.

The Sacerdotal Vestments — Benedict Dionne, O.P.

The Friars’ Book-shelf

The Cloister Chronicle