In Medio Ecclesiae Hits the Streets

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In Medio Ecclesiae Hits the Streets

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In Medio Ecclesiae, the first album from Dominicana Records, is now available for purchase as a CD. To order the CD online and have it shipped to you directly, click on button below or go to our Records page and click the button “Buy CD” towards the bottom of the page. If, due to the number of sales, the CD is on backorder, we will be sending more copies to our distributor as quickly as possible. For those in the Washington, D.C., area, the CD is available at the bookstore of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. For other locales, check the Records page periodically—we will list new locations as they are arranged.

Currently you will find the title track, the chant In medio ecclesiae, streaming on our Records page. In celebration of today’s release of the hard copy, we also offer you a chance to listen to an additional track, the beautiful hymn “Round Us Falls the Night,” at the top of this post.

Dominican House of Studies: In Medio Ecclesiae: Music for the New Evangelization

The music on the album includes some of the finest examples of the Church’s musical tradition, which the Second Vatican Council called a “treasure of inestimable value.” Especially in light of Pope Benedict XVI’s efforts in the renewal of sacred music, we are confident that the music on our album is in medio ecclesiae—in the midst of the Church. The repertoire is taken from the various seasons of the liturgical year, as well as the feasts of St. Dominic, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Joseph. Chant, Renaissance polyphony, hymns, and contemporary compositions by Dominican friars are all featured on the album, which was recorded a cappella in the historic Church of St. Dominic in downtown Washington, D.C.

As the universal Church seeks, through the new evangelization, to call back to the fold cultures that have forgotten the Gospel, we offer these treasures of the Church’s worship of God not only to those who are firmly planted in the Church, but also to those who have become less connected to the Church or who are not Catholic. We hope that all may find in this music what we have found: a beautiful sign that draws us to the heavenly vision of the Creator, the source of all beauty.

Thanks to the many of you who have already purchased the album online since our digital release on All Saints’ Day and to those who have been waiting for the CD version. As Christmas draws nearer, we ask you to consider In Medio Ecclesiae when thinking about the right gift to give to your loved ones. And if you know of places that might be interested in carrying In Medio Ecclesiae or that might want to feature a piece on the album—such as a Catholic or classical radio station, a favorite blog, or a diocesan newspaper or parish bulletin—please contact the brothers promoting Dominicana Records at [email protected]

Please check back on the Records page as we continue to add retailers, and please keep this project in your prayers.

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