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Many of the Dominican brothers studying in Washington, D.C. sing in the schola cantorum of the Dominican House of Studies.  Though the schola’s main purpose is to enrich the regular hours of liturgical prayer in their house chapel, over the past four years they have produced four albums of sacred music. These publications from Dominicana Records are part of the Dominicans’ evangelical mission as preachers of the Word. Through them, the brothers hope to share the beauty of their Dominican life, kindle Catholic devotion, and honor the Church’s musical traditions, both old and new. Profits from the sales of these albums support the brothers during their years of academic formation in Washington, DC.

This Christmas season, the Dominican brothers present a new album, Christ Was Born to Save: Christmas with the Dominican Friars.  




christ-was-born-to-save_album-cover Christ Was Born to Save:

Christmas carols, chants, and choral works (2016)



Medieval chant, polyphony, and modern choral works celebrating 800 years of Dominican life (2015)


Ave Maria:

Dominican chants honoring the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2014)


In Medio Ecclesiae:

Beautiful chant and choral music from the heart of the Church’s tradition (2013)