Dominicana Seventh Centenary Number 1916

//Dominicana Seventh Centenary Number 1916
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Table of Contents


St. Dominic (Frontispiece)

The Inspiration of Seven Hundred Years — The Novices

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XV

Most Rev. Hyacinth Maria Cormier, O.P., Master General

The Vocation of an Order — Joseph, O.P.

Dominus et Dominicus — Hyacinth, O.P.

Bull Confirming the Order of Friar Preachers

The Vine and the Branch — Luke, O.P.

Saints of Seven Centuries — Justin, O.P.

Seven Ages of Man — Br. Clement, O.P.

A Dominican’s Prayer (Verse) — Cyprian, O.P.

The Spirit of the Order — Basil, O.P.

The Dominicans of To-day — Humbert, O.P.

The Rosary of the Years (Verse) — Sadoc, O.P.

Our Province — Edward, O.P.

In Memoriam — Augustine, O.P. and Pius, O.P.

“Remember Me.” Story. — Arnold, O.P.

Saint Dominic’s Legacy (Verse) — Alphonsus, O.P.

Holy Name Province — Stephen, O.P.

Dominican Sisters in the United States — Mannes, O.P.

The Third Order — Benedict, O.P.

Master Raymond’s Novice (Story) — Eugene, O.P.