Dominicana 10:2 — September 1925

//Dominicana 10:2 — September 1925
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Cover Page

Table of Contents


Congratulatory — Editors

Promise (Verse) — Maurice O’Moore, O.P.

Catholics and Higher Educaton — Walter Farrell, O.P.

The Popes and the Rosary — Cyril Dore, O.P.

Catholic Boy Scouts — Robert Lindsey, O.P.

Cardinal Fruhwirth — Basil Sheehan, O.P.

Manly Character — Richard King, O.P.

Baptism a Consecration — Eugene Kavanah, O.P.

Evening (Verse) — Maurice O’Moore, O.P.

Dominican Missions in the Vatican Expostition — Dalmatius Marrin, O.P.

An Autumn Violet (Verse) — Maurice O’Moore, O.P.

Purgatory — Mark O’Dowd, O.P.

Church, School, and Home

To Our Readers — Editors

Friars’ Bookshelf — Various

Cloister Chronicle