Dominicana 1:1 — April 1916

//Dominicana 1:1 — April 1916
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Table of Contents


Dedication — The Novices

Our Cardinal — Raphael Burke, O.P.

An Invitation (Verse) — Ceslaus McEniry, O.P.

Catholic Heroes of ’76 — Antoninus Marchunt, O.P.

I Wonder (Verse) — Hugh Welsh, O.P.

Dominicans and the Crucifix — Fidelis Conlon, O.P.

Humility (Verse) — Hyacinth Chandler, O.P.

Llana Hermosa — Albert Muller, O.P.

A Prayer (Verse) — Hugh Welsh, O.P.

Poetry and Life — Cornelius McCarthy, O.P.

The Wreck (Verse) — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

The True Savonarola — Bonaventure Neitzey, O.P.

Is there a Man? (Verse) — Bartholomew Reilly, O.P.

A Peasant Priest — Stanislaus McDermott, O.P.

For His Name’s Sake — Boniface Stratemeier, O.P.

Within the Cloister

To Our Friends — The Novices