Dominicana 53:4 — Winter 1968

//Dominicana 53:4 — Winter 1968
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Table of Contents


The Non-Violent Christian — Alan Milmore, O.P.

A New Law, and a New Order? — Thomas R. Heath, O.P.

Liturgy and the Human Community — Michael M. Burke, O.P.

Disillusioned (Verse) — Vincent Wiseman, O.P.

Hippies, Yippies and Student Revolt — Henry Payne, O.P.

The Deer (Verse) — Vincent Wiseman, O.P.

Maria Assumpta in Caelis (Verse) — Vincent Wiseman, O.P.

An American at Berkeley… — Four Berkeley Students (with Gerard Farrell, O.P.)

An American in Paris… — Gerard Austin, O.P. (with Gerald Dugal, O.P.)

Quarantined (Verse) — Vincent Wiseman, O.P.

John the Baptist and Qumran — Robert L. Pelkington, O.P.

The Passionate Christian Life — David Thomasma, O.P.

Silence (Verse) — Vincent Wiseman, O.P.

Book Review – God; God up There? A Study in Divine Transcendence; God the Creator: On the Transcendence and Presence of God — William J. Finan, O.P.

Book Reviews

Friars’ Bookshelf – The Cosmic Christ

Book Review – Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin — Matthew Rzeczowski, O.P.

Book Review – Religious Symbols and God: A Philosophical Study of Tillich’s Theology — Luis Camacho, O.P.

Book Review – The Truth of the Bible — Thomas P. McCreesh, O.P.

Book Review – The Bible: Dogma, Myth or Mystery? — Christopher Allegra, O.P.

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