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Divine Providence

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The sun that paints the sky like fire:

This red, that cloud, as sun sinks low.

The wind springs up, the evening breeze,

To stir the branches of the tree.


The tumbling leaf from rest on high,

Its winding, spiraling, to and fro,

Descending from the sky to earth,

Its lying, waiting there—just so.

God foresees, He foreknows.


The grass that makes its resting-place,

The leaf, its autumn color bright,

Arranged so as to catch the eye

Of her, that young one on the way.


That girl who sees it as she walks,

The spark of wonder in her mind.

She runs, and grabs, and laughs, and shows

Her mother standing at her side.

God foresees, He foreknows.


True love of mother for her child,

Found deep within her tender heart,

Had flowered in a common life—

Those months of silent mystery.


But first the finding of the one,

That place, that talk, that smile just right.

The promise given for all time,

The marriage bond, a grace-filled life.

God foresees, He foreknows.


In health, in sickness, and in woe:

The death of a beloved child.

She screams, and sobs, and questions why;

Yet faith and hope—undying love.


Another Love, the Blood, the Tree,

The Son, whose Mother weeps and prays,

Is lowered down to her embrace—

But now He crowns her Queen on high.

God foresees, He foreknows.



Image by Aaron Burden


About this Brother:

Br. Luke VanBerkum, O.P.
Br. Luke VanBerkum entered the Order of Preachers in 2016. Before entering, he studied philosophy and theology at the University of Notre Dame.