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Baptist pastor John Piper recently composed a poem entitled The Calvinist, in order “to capture a glimpse of God’s sovereign intersection with the life of a sinful man.” In his verses, Dr. Piper touches on quintessentially Calvinist themes of reading the Scriptures: God’s absolute sovereignty, his transcendent radiance, and his great mercy to sinners. Inspired by Dr. Piper’s example, I offer my own poem entitled The Thomist, which strives to capture the beauty of a Thomistic approach to the Gospel.

See him in his room,
Not forestalled by gloom,
Chosen from all time,
Opening his mind.

See him standing tall,
Searching wisdom all,
Where’er truth is found,
Finding joy abound.

See him heading out,
Umarr’d by fear or doubt,
Holding fast the notion,
Of Divine premotion.

See him don his hat,
Of potency untapped,
Brought forth into act;
A mystr’y intact?

See him make a choice,
To freedom giving voice,
Of his destiny,
A creature’s melody.

See him pacing strong,
Moved by grace along,
Obviating perils,
Scorning death’s carols.

See him find the way,
Through charity and play,
Virtues to embrace,
Here. Now. In this place.

See him follow through,
As predestined to,
So God first intends,
Yet free will offends.

See him traipsing on,
Light begins to dawn,
By hope galvanized,
No more agonized.

See him enter in,
Though the light is dim,
By faith truly known,
Back the veil is thrown.

See him bow, low, down,
Touching knee to ground,
Before Him docile,
A true apostle.

See him raise his eyes,
For o’er seas and skies,
God has come below,
And vanquished the foe!

See him take a place,
Looking to God’s face,
Finding terrors cease,
Met by His true peace.

Image: Filippino Lippi, Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas over the Heretics, Carafa Chapel

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